Announcing our first community manager!


We’d like to officially welcome Leon Stafford as our first community manager! We’re really excited to support him in his effort to improve the Bitcoin lending community and we feel like it will help us keep in touch with the community a lot better.

Who is Leon Stafford?

Leon is a highly regarded member of the Facebook group called Bitcoin Investment Association. He’s very involved with the lending community, he’s our friend, a highly trusted partner, a borrower, an investor and an all around good guy! He has been known to help everybody in the Bitcoin lending community, answer their questions, settle disputes and provide BitLendingClub with exclusive feedback which has led to many improvements in or system.

What is a community manager?

A community manager is a person who already volunteers a ton of their spare time helping everybody in the Bitcoin lending community. They do it for free and they do it because they love the community. Community managers help us keep a beat on what are all of the problems that people encounter. They’re our eyes and ears, and they help us stay connected to the community. In particular, a community manger volunteers their free time to funnel critical community feedback to BitLendingClub.

Do community managers get paid?

Not yet. However, if they have any projects which they’re building in an effort to improve the Bitcoin lending community, then we may be able to help by providing funding for their project, hosting or even manpower. Sometime in the future we may be able to financially reimburse them for their hard work, but for now we don’t have the financial capability.

How can I become a community manager?

Community managers are invite only. We keep in touch with the Bitcoin lending community and if we see a somebody who goes that extra mile to help people, they want to help us and they’ve build a relationship with us, then we invite them to become a community manager.

What is a community manager’s relationship with your competitors?

Community managers are free to interact with our competitors, help them, advise them, praise them, use their platforms to their benefit and do everything that they did prior to becoming a community manager. We don’t have any restrictions, nor do we want to impose any restrictions on what our community managers do.

I’m still confused!

If you still have questions, then please send us a message via the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions: