Welcome to the improved BitLendingClub!

Today, we’re excited to announce a slew of new features and improvements. Below is a short description of some of the bigger changes you will notice on BitLendingClub.com.

We appreciate that reading through long pieces of text is not always the most interesting way to spend your day, so each point is illustrated with a picture.

New security features:

You now have the ability to enable Two-Factor Authentication for:

  • for every login
  • for every withdrawal request
  • for changes in the settings



In addition we have a new, cleaner-looking loan page.loan page

But that’s not the only improvement. 

Loan type updates:

We have added a new loan type “BLC Investing” which is for the users which use the funds from the loans to invest in other loans within the BLC platform.Create

We have placed restrictions on this type of loans and withdrawals of funds from BLC Investing loans are automatically rejected!

I agree

We have placed additional restrictions on reputation loans. Funds from reputation loans cannot be used for investing in other loans and withdrawals of funds from reputation loans are automatically rejected.


We’ve also enhanced the repay functionality. 

When you go to the “Loans” page and click on the repay button, a new page is opened:


   Rep loan payment

On the new page you are able to see the amotization schedule of the loan and repay every single payment.

 Aamortization Schedule

And there’s more

  • Canceled loans are now shown on the user’s profile page an you are now able to see even the canceled loans on the borrower’s page.
  • You can filter the loans of each borrower from their profile page. The filters are: Funding, Funded, Repaid/Closed, Expired, Canceled, and Canceled/Suspicious.


  • Furthermore, you are now able to see the investments of each user on their profile page.
  • The reputation loan voting system has been improved. If 5 people have voted that a particular loan is a reputation loan, then the loan is canceled and an admin comment is posted on the loan page.

Some minor improvements

  • Instead of showing the user’s income, the income range is now displayed.
  • The loan title with a hyperlink to the loan is now added to the e-mail notification for new comments on the loan.
  • Posting links to loan pages and user profile pages now comes with metadata. When you post a link on Facebook, it will now show relevant data for the link.


  • We’ve made the avatars a little bigger accross the website in order to improve the user experience.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

In the coming weeks we will be adding more improvements.

Here’s what’s coming in the next release:

  • Redesigned dashboard and user’s page.
  • BitLendingClub fee will be changed to 2.0%  from all of the loans and the fee will be collected upon the receipt of a payment from the borrower.
  • As you are now able to see on the new loan page trusted and social websites verification will be added soon.


What do you think? Please share your thoughts on these and any additional features you’d like to see. If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ page, send us a tweet to @BitLendingClub or contact us at support@bitlendingclub.com.

And best of all, there will be lots more exciting features coming your way, so please do remember to keep coming back to check them out.

Best regards,

The BitLendingClub Team

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