BitLendingClub just keeps getting better!

Dear Customers, 

We are happy to announce that today we launched a bunch of updates that will improve your experience with BitLendingClub. You might wonder what is new so we’ll give you some details on what has been upgraded. 

Payment calendar                                                                                                          Until today, reviewing of the upcoming payments was a little difficult. Now it’s easier to keep track of the payments and to see a simple report of what’s coming up next: just open it up and check out the next due date.



With the Calendar, you can view payments information by week, and by monthTo change the way your calendar is displayed, touch Week or Month tabs at the upper right.
We added new sorting options for the loan listings. You are now able to sorf the loans by: votes, time left, reputation score of the borrower and percent funded. Sorting is available everywhere you see loan listings. That will be a great way to spot the loans you are interested in.
timeleft sort
Today, we’re providing another way for you to stay up-to-date with the latest loan listings from the users you choose. We’ve added the ability to follow other users. Following a user will notify you of any new loan request he posted.  Take a look at our users and start following someone today.followVoting                                                                                                                       Voting has been enabled for all funding and funded loans. You can now vote up the loans you like!
We’ve also made it even easier for you to join or start a discussion in our forum. All users are automatically registerwith in the BitLendingClub Forum. Furthermore, the BitLendingClub forum is now shown in the social connections. If you are regularly part of the discussions in our forum, we think you’re going to love this update.
Markup Text Editor 
First thing you’ll notice when you post your next loan listing is that you are now able to format your loan description and comments.
With this release, you are able to set your time zone from the settings. Additionally,
the date and the time the loan was posted, funded and repaid are now shown in the loan page and listings section .
We have improved the ratings process. Now it will be user for you to know who you have rated and who you haven’t.
BitLendingClub fee is changed to 2.0% from all of the loans and the fee will be collected upon the receipt of a payment from the borrower. We’ll keep the fee at 2% until we start earning enough revenue to cover our costs. Once we’re earning enough revenue to cover our costs we’ll come back with an optimized fee structure. The fee is still collected from the borrower when each payment is posted. This change applies only to the new loans. 

Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
The update also includes a number of other improvements and fixes.
Among other things, the good news, no, the great news this month is that BitLendingClub is now a Silver Member to the BitcoinFoundation!
Thank you for using BitLendingClub! Community feedback is active and growing … Thank you! Keep those suggestions and ideas coming! We hope you enjoy these updates, and keep an eye out for more new stuff coming up soon!

Best regards,
The BitLendingClub Team











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