Improving Quality & Lowering Costs!

Lower fees
After some long discussions and review, BitLendingClub decided to cut the fee by half for loans with amount greater than 10 BTC in an effort to lower the costs for borrowers. 

The interest rate is changed depending on the loan amount. Our new fees are as follows:

• Loans with amount up to 9.99999999 BTC are charged 2% BitLendingClub fee.

loan under 10blc

• Loans with amount greater than or equal to 10 BTC are charged 1% BitLendingClub fee.

loan 10 btc

The fee is still collected from the borrower when each payment is posted. This change applies only to the new loans. The new fee structure is immediately available. This means savings for you, our customers!

Quick and easy payment

The latest update also includes some minor but useful improvement that you’d love to  find.  

When you  review your calendar and click on an entry  which is a payment that you are supposed to make, then the “Make a payment” window will be shown. 


In this way you do not need to go back through pages and pages but you could cover your dues quick and easy with only 1 click. 

make a payment

Voilà! Your payment has been successfully processed!

make payment 3

We really appreciate the time and patience of everybody involved with BitLendingClub and we’ll continue our work on improving the lending platform and providing you with more secure investments and loans. Thank you for being part of the BitLendingclub community — we hope you enjoy it!

Best regards,

The BitLendingClub Team

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