New Loan Denomination – Brazilian Real

Dear customers,
With every release we are extending BitLendingClub system capabilities and delivering new features. You can now log in as a member of BitLendingClub and benefit from the following new functionality:

Brazilian Real Denominated Loans
Along with the BTC and USD denominated loans you are now able to list BRL denominated loans. The loans are tied to the BlinkTrade exchange rate, so they will only be considered 100% funded when the BTC investments in they add up to the loan amount in BRL. You will receive the BTC equivalent amount of the BRL you requested. Your payments are calculated based on the BlinkTrade exchange rate at the time of making the payment and they’re paid out in BTC.


Editable Loan Description
We have added the ability to edit your loan description once a loan has already been posted and it is in status “Funding”.


The description history is viewable for everyone on a separate page.


All the investors will also be informed for the change with an appropriate message.

Updated User Statistics
You will notice that the user’s profile overview statistic is extended with some more additional information regarding the different type of denominated loans a borrower has ever requested: the total amount of funding, repaid and active loans is shown for your convenience.


The statistic on the “Investments” section of your dashboard have been classified according to the various denominated loans as well. 


As always, please feel free to send us your feedback and thoughts via email or on Twitter. Our work continues and we hope that your experience with BitLendingClub continues to improve.

Thanks for checking out our newsletter!  We’d really appreciate your thoughts on how we can make this work best for you.

Best regards,
The BitLendingClub Team

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