Loanbase is officially here!

I’m glad to announce that we have now officially rebranded BitLendingClub to Loanbase. This change is an exciting new chapter for our team, the community and, we hope, for the Bitcoin ecosystem as well. Our vision for the future is that borrowers and lenders should not be limited by Bitcoin, but empowered by it. The rebranding is part of our effort to bring the benefits of Bitcoin to the general public, without them needing to know anything about the technology.

What will happen with my account?
There is no change to our system whatsoever, the only thing we’re changing is the domain name and the company name. This means that your account, any data or bitcoin balances will be accessible from your Loanbase account, without any need for porting.

What about links to the old domain?
All of the links will be redirected to the corresponding pages in the new domain, including the referral links.

What will happen to BitLendingClub’s domain?
The domain will automatically forward to All of the links to bitlendingclub will redirect to the correct pages, including any referral links you have shared in the past. This will ensure the integrity of the platform and the functionality you’ve expected to see.

Will your API still work?
Our API will be available via both domains for the next 3 months. After that, we will shut off access to the API from the BitLendingClub domain and it will only be accessible from the Loanbase domain.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please feel free to contact our team via e-mail:
Best Regards,

Kiril GantchevCEO of

Connect with us:Twitter: @LoanbaseInc

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