Interest Rates Increase


As part of our improvement process, we do periodic reviews of the interest rates and we’ve had to make adjustments in order to ensure the profitability of the platform. The changes to the interest rates are as follows:

  • Adjusted for the Bitcoin volatility index, which will be the biggest impact on the interest rates.
  • Increase in the risk-based component of the interest rates.
  • Term-based adjustments to all of the interest rates.

Fixed Rate Pricing

The new fixed rate pricing starts from about 6.6% for A-rated loans and goes up to about 120% for E-rated loans.


The important thing to note here is that these rates are quoted for loans ranging from 1 to 3 month terms. There will be an adjustment for the terms, so users who select loans from 4 to 9 months will have an additional adjustment to the interest rate based on the loan term. Users will see the final rate in the loan application page, the payment calculator and their loan listings page.

Volatility Index Adjustment

The Bitcoin volatility inevitably has a impact on the risk-based pricing and it’s been primarily accounted for by borrowers requesting shorter term loans (i.e. 1 to 3 months). We’re obtaining the Bitcoin volatility index from the BTCVol website. This will allow more precise pricing and a stabilization in the returns for the lenders even in longer term loans. At this stage we’re looking at the 6 month volatility index. Going forward, we will be updating volatility index on a monthly basis, which may lead to slight increases or decreases of our interest rates.

Risk-based Interest Rate Increase

After our internal review, we have determined that the risk-based pricing needs to see as small increase. This will inevitably increase the cost of the loans, but we’ve added more precision into our pricing by adjusting for the loan term.

Term-Based Adjustments

Many of you have been asking us to implement term-based adjustments on the interest rates and we’re happy to finally deliver on those requests. Usually the borrowers prefer long-term loans in order to utilize a lower APR, but we’ve seen that investors are reluctant to fund such loan at the same rate and yield as the short-term loans. The term-adjusted rates shall compensate for this imbalance and normalize the yield of the loan over the various terms we offer. As of this release, loans from 1 to 3 months will utilize the fixed rates we show on the Credit Rating page. We will have additional term-based adjustments, depending on the length of the loan. This will normalize the cost of the loan over the various terms we offer.

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